Livestock Monitoring

The Allflex SenseHub Livestock Monitoring System

SenseHub is a livestock monitoring system that provides you with practical and actionable information on the reproduction habits and health of individual cows and groups. The monitoring system offers multi-user access via PC, smartphone, tablets and touch screen panels. SenseHub is comprised of 3 components to provide you with the insight needed to run an efficient farm; a software application, collars or tags and a controller.

Purchasing a SenseHub Livestock Monitoring System is Simple

Find the application plan that fits your needs:

Module Features Application Plan
Young Stock* Starter Advanced Premium
Reproduction Heat Indexes
Breeding Windows
Anestrus Cow Monitoring
Irregular Heats
Abortion Identification
Health Health Indexes
Animal Distress Identification
Early Fresh Cows
Animals to Inspect
Pre-Calving Alarms
Post-Calving Alarms
Probable Difficult Calving Reports
Probable Post-Natal Health Problems
Group Heavy Breathing %
Heavy Breathing Trend
Rumination Ranking
Activity Ranking
Rumination Variability
Average Daily Rumination
Average Group Consistency

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