SenseHub for Beef Farmers

“SenseHub has enabled us to reduce the herd’s average transition period with some cows successfully getting back into calf a month ahead of where they’d have previously been. We no longer have a problem with silent heats and haven’t missed a single heat since we started using SenseHub.”

Barry Blenkhorn, Goole, East Yorkshire

“The SenseHub collars proved their worth as soon as we’d fitted them; they enabled us to reliably detect heats and allowed us to manage the fertility of our beef herd more accurately by ensuring they were inseminated at the optimum time.”

Sue May, Priorton Barton, Devon

“Without knowing exactly when each cow is due to give birth it’s impossible to manage their dietary intake with any real precision. The SenseHub data mitigates the risk of over or under-feeding by enabling us to see exactly when each cow was in heat and served, and to accurately forecast when she is due to calve.”

Oliver Dean, Brampton, Cumbria

SenseHub Beef is the first heat and health monitoring system that specifically analyses the real-time behaviour of beef cattle. It works with housed or grazing herds, plus cattle located away from the farm, to put you in control of your herd.

Heat: SenseHub Beef provides class-leading heat detection accuracy, with precise insemination timing guidance to optimise conception rates and tighten the calving period.

Health: SenseHub generates health alerts to provide an early warning of the onset of potential health issues – often before any clinical symptoms have been seen, for quicker intervention and reduced drug use

Transition: SenseHub acts as your eyes and ears in the run up to and following calving to ensure you remain fully aware of any potential health or stress problems during this critical phase of your beef cow’s reproductive cycle.

Nutrition: SenseHub collates feeding pattern and rumination information from each group of animals to help you see how they react to dietary changes and to identify potential problems.

Heat Stress: SenseHub can tell when your cows are feeling the heat by monitoring how frequently and heavily they are breathing and warn you if your herd is suffering from heat stress .

Routine: SenseHub Beef provides an alert if it detects any sudden changes, you’ll immediately be able to take action to minimise the effect they have on your herd’s productivity.

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