SenseHub for Dairy Farmers

"I look at the SenseHub app each morning to find out which cows are in heat and when they should be inseminated. It’s like having an extra set of eyes and ears, and if a cow starts calving or is showing signs of stress or ill health, my phone will alert me so that I can take prompt action."

Jim Fingland, Castle Douglas, Dumfries

"By alerting us to potential signs of ill health or distress – often before any physical symptoms have been displayed – SenseHub has enabled us to treat problems far earlier. As a result we’ve had fewer displaced abomasums, fewer cases of milk fever and fewer difficult calvings.”

Andrew Eastabrook, Hartpury University, Gloucestershire

"We have a better understanding of each cow’s health, heat and stress parameters and can act pre-emptively to combat problems such as lameness, mastitis and poor fertility. We’re detecting more heats which has enabled us to tighten our calving interval.”

Olly Read, Cullompton, Devon

"We’re saving £9-£15 per animal and still achieving a heat detection rate of 97.6%. Our insemination rate has risen by more than 10% and we’re making better use of sexed semen.”

Philippa MacTaggart, Crocketford, Dumfries

“We’re missing fewer silent heats and culling fewer animals due to fertility problems. We’re also using 10-20% less semen and have started using sexed semen from bulls which were previously beyond our budget."

Mike and Caroline Hawking, Beaworthy, Devon

SenseHub Dairy puts you in control of your herd by enabling you to make better decisions which will increase your herd’s fertility performance, maximise productivity and avoid impending health problems.

Heat: Class-leading heat detection accuracy, with precise insemination timing guidance for better reproduction efficiency.

Health: SenseHub generates health alerts to provide an early warning of the onset of potential health issues – often before any clinical symptoms have been seen.

Transition: SenseHub acts as your eyes and ears in the run up to and following calving to ensure you remain fully aware of any potential health or stress problems during this critical phase of your dairy cow’s reproductive cycle.

Nutrition: SenseHub collates feeding pattern and rumination information from each group of animals to help you see how they react to dietary changes and to identify potential problems.

Heat Stress: SenseHub can tell when your cows are feeling the heat by monitoring how frequently and heavily they are breathing and warn you if your herd is suffering from heat stress .

Routine: SenseHub Dairy provides an alert if it detects any sudden changes, you’ll immediately be able to take action to minimise the effect they have on your herd’s productivity.

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