Alligator Mobile Sheep Handling Systems

The Alligator mobile sheep handling range is available via our extensive merchant network, use the form at the bottom of the page for help selecting the right system for your needs as well as finding your local merchant.

Alligator Basic Mobile Sheep Handling System

The Alligator basic sheep handling system is a mobile unit ideal for handling up to 200 sheep.

Alligator Mobile Sheep Handling System 

Key Specifications:

  • Holding capacity of up to 200 sheep
  • 15 5' Hurdles
  • 3 Half posts
  • 2 Drop gates
  • 4 Spare pins
  • Lighting Board

Alligator Pro Mobile Sheep Handling System

Available in three sizes and a choice of two gate lengths, the Alligator Pro series utilises all the features of the original Alligator, but adds the capability to manage more sheep and undertake more husbandry tasks. The Alligator Pro comes with a new style hurdle for safe movement of sheep as well as an easy grip design to make the movement of the hurdles more comfortable.

Alligator Pro Mobile Sheep Handling System 

Alligator Pro250:

  • Holding capacity of approximately 250 sheep
  • 24 5' x 36" Hurdles

Alligator Pro500:

  • Holding capacity of approximately 500 sheep
  • 30 5' x 36" Hurdles

Alligator Pro750:

  • Holding capacity of approximately 750 sheep
  • 36 5' x 36" Hurdles

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