Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m a new customer, how do I get an account?

To request an account on our website, please fill out the form on this page

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2. I had an account on one of your previous websites, how do I access all my old order information?

To access your account you previously held on one of our websites, just follow the instructions on this page.

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3. How do I add an additional shipping address?

The best way to add an address is from the "My Account" page. Addresses created here will be visible to all users on your account.

From the customer connect dashboard (My Account) page, select Account Information from the menu on the left. The shipping addresses stored against the account are listed in the Shipping section.

Press the New Shipping Address button to create a new shipping address (farmer). Address code can be any value, but we recommend the farmers unique identifier (either herdmark or CPH). It is important that the CPH and Herdmark are entered in the correct format:

e.g. Herdmark: 244220 (The UK prefix is NOT required). CPH: 00/000/0000 for UK holding.

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4. Why are goods sent to a customers address sent using my name and not the customers name?

During the order shipping process, if you are unable to find the customer address in the address book you can create an address by pressing +New Address button. When choosing this option the logged in users name is auto populated into the first name / last name. This name is used as “for the attention of” on orders. It is very important to change this to show the actual recipients name. If you do not change the name, the goods will be despatched for the attention of yourself.

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5. Do you ship outside of the UK?

People outside of the UK can either contact customer service with their request who will forward that to the export team. Or email the export team on

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6. How do I quickly find the correct delivery address?

When you have a lot of delivery addresses, press the search button to bring up the search window. Enter some details from the address you are looking for and press Search. Click on the required address to bring it to the checkout window.

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7. Can additional users be added to my trade account?

It is possible to add users to your trade account. To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Login to "My Account" at the top of the site.
  2. From the dashboard page, select the link for "Account Information" under the Customer Connect section.
  3. Scroll down to the "Contacts" section.
  4. Press the "NEW CONTACT" button.
  5. Complete the form ensuring "Web Enabled" is ticked.

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8. What is the best way to find the tags I need?

We have a number of ways you can find the right tag for your animals, the simplest option is to use our tag selector. You can also search the product name or specific product code using the search box at the top of every page. Finally, you can also browse all tags and use the filters on each of the category pages to narrow down your search.

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9. How can I order multiple replacement tags?

When ordering replacement tags for several animals pay attention to the Tag List box, this allows you to keep adding multiple tags to the same order, on the same product page just by changing the relevant animal information. Once you have compiled your list, click Add to Cart and proceed through the checkout.

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10. How do I re-order the tags I had last time?

For this functionality you must have an account. Log into your account. From the My Account page, click on Account orders. Search for the order you wish to duplicate. Click on the basket icon to re-order.

From the shopping cart page you need to edit each tag line (the edit icon) to add the relevant animal numbers.

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11. What is the best browser to use for compatibility with the Allflex website?

Please ensure you are not using internet explorer. We recommend either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

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12. Can I delete an address?

Addresses that have previously had an order placed against them cannot currently be deleted. We are working with our developers to create a solution to hide no longer needed addresses. 

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13. Why is the website is slow in showing my order confirmation?

If you have tags in your basket, once you click to confirm your order we are automatically registering them with the relevant organisation. Your order is automatically processed to ensure optimal speed in reaching you, all of this can take a little longer than you would usually expect.

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14. How do I see the tag information on previous orders?

To see tag information, please use the "My Account / My Orders" section. Clicking on the orders displays the tag numbers on the order lines.

The "Customer Connect / Account Orders" section doesn't yet support the display of tag numbers.

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15. How do I remove a ship to address from my account?

If a shipping address has been used it is not possible to delete the shipping address. There is a workaround that can minimise the impact of this.

From the My Account page and under Account Information find the required shipping address, open it and change the name and address fields to match the business account name and address.

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