Alligator 100 Smallholder Trailer System

The Alligator Smallholder System is the ideal system for a farm or smallholding with a flock size of 100 or less sheep.

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The Alligator Smallholder trailer system for mobile sheep-handling is ideal for a farm or smallholding with a flock size of 100 or less. Easily transported as a single unit with a quad bike or vehicle between locations on public highways.

It comes with a 3-way drafting race which enables users to sort the sheep into 3 different batches at one time, making the system time effective.

At just 10ft the hot dipped galvanised steel race provides strength and weight where required. Complete with stock board sides and a non-slip self-cleaning mesh floor.

15 hurdles to make one large holding pens or 3 for shedding sheep into.

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  • A mobile sheep-handling trailer system for flocks of up to 100 sheep
  • Includes a 3-way drafting race, 10 x 5' Barred Hurdles, 2 x Half Posts, 2 x Guillotine gates, 1 x 4-way connector 1 x 2-way connector, 1 x Lighting board
Brand / Tech Alligator
Size Up to 100 Sheep
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