Prattley 12ft Super with Double Lane Handling Race

Prattley 12ft Super mobile sheep-handling system with double-lane handling-race for the efficient handling of groups of sheep for routine management or health treatment tasks.
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The Prattley 12ft Mobile Yard can be used to efficiently handle groups of sheep for routine management or health treatment tasks such as drenching, crutching, mouthing, tagging, or docking.

The system includes 3 way drafting gates, 40 alloy gates (6’x36”), double lane 24’ three section handing race and a geared winch for ease of lifting and setting up.

Typically the 12ft system has a holding capacity of up to 750 ewes. The system can also accommodate weighing equipment such as load bars, weigh platform and weigh head which means that routine and accurate weighing can be easily undertaken.

The system is designed to be mobile. It can be easily transported, assembled and operated by just one person. This means it can be taken virtually anywhere on the farm making the handling of the flock or individual groups of sheep in different locations more efficient and less time consuming than bringing the sheep to a fixed yard or location away from the pasture.

This offers versatile operation allowing the user to make use of natural boundaries or features to ensure natural stock flow through the yard reducing any stress on the animals. The gates can be arranged in a number of different set-up’s for gathering, holding, shedding etc.

Prattley systems are extremely tough and durable with the alloy used in production being heat treated resulting in high tensile strength whilst still being light and easy to handle.

0% finance options are available on some of the systems in the Prattley handling systems range please give us a call for further information.

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Product Type Simple product
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Pack Size Each
Product Features
  • Mobile unit with 3-way drafting, geared winch, strong drawbar, gate support arms, retaining straps and wheels
  • Double lane, 24’ three-section handling race
  • 6’ x 36” alloy gate x 40
  • Diamond gate x 1
  • Drop in gate x 2
  • L post x 8
  • 33” Swing back gate
  • Yard holding capacity approximately 750 ewes with existing fence
  • 13” wheels for excellent towing ability and ground clearance
  • Options: 0.9m or 1.0m high gates available
Brand / Tech Prattley
Size Up to 750 Sheep
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