SenseHub Dairy Premium

The premium plan of SenseHub Dairy offers health and reproduction monitoring as well as calving and nutritional statuses of the whole herd
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Monitoring products require specialised configuration and a site survey to accurately determine requirements. You can find out more here.

SenseHub Dairy Premium provides a detailed insight into reproductive, health, calving and nutritional status of groups and the whole herd. Modules within the premium plan include:

Heat detection within SenseHub detects weak heat behaviour and grazing cows’ heat using the heat index. The feature evaluates motor activity, rumination and ingestion time to ensure a better conception rate. Plus, information for suspected miscarriages following artificial insemination.

Health and Calving
The health module offers health indexes as well as distress notifications. SenseHub detects health problems earlier allowing you to take preventative action.

The calving features allow you to identify cows that are experiencing abnormal stress during calving and minimises that impact of post-calving illness with early warnings of distress.

Group Monitoring
Feeding Management – Timely insights into how feeding areas are affecting your cows.
Rumination Variations – Instant visibility of suspected issues based on deviation from current rumination activity.
Group Routine Heat Stress – Track the percentage of cows panting as well as present and historical trends.

SenseHub Dairy Premium can work with either the SenseHub cSense Collars or eSense Tags.
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  • Heat Detection
  • Health Alerts
  • Calving Reports
  • Group Monitoring
  • Feeding Management
  • Rumination Variations
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